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With a number of our clients requesting our recruitment services in territories across the US, we decided to map out a strategic plan in 2019 to expand our services into America.

Austin, TX was a clear choice as a HQ for ourselves due to the high variety of tech companies here, including both tech giants and a number of start-ups, which are always exciting prospects to partner with. In January 2020 we officially launched our US operations, focusing on delivering tech talent to companies across Texas, as well as the other major US tech hubs.

A few of the clients we have worked with:

Rated excellent by our clients and candidates:

"James Roberts is an absolutely amazing, dedicated, focused recruiter who heard my needs and excelled on the delivery. He helped manage my expectations and communicate my needs to potential candidates concisely and clearly, and delivered the kind of candidates I wanted to meet. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a developer!"
"James was pleasant to work with throughout the process. He got me the wage I asked for and kept made himself available on every step!" 
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Powered by great people:

James Roberts -Head of US Operations
James joined Searchability six years ago, his passion for tech and his ability to source the hardest to find software engineers saw him quickly progress into a a leading role, heading up our US operations. James has recruited for every tech stack there is, with a particular talent for sourcing niche software engineering skills across the USA.