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In a market as competitive as tech digital, a strong and visible employer brand is essential to attract the very best talent. It’s something we are really passionate about at Searchability, which is why we launched JobHoller – our dedicated employer brand consultancy headed up by qualified employer brand leader Sophie Hopley.

Benefits of niching down your employer brand for tech:

  • You can target your content specifically for the tech market
  • You can focus on the EVP’s that are important for technical candidates
  • You can target social platforms and job boards where technical candidates are most active
  • You can give an insight into life in the tech team, which often differs from the business as a whole
  • You will see faster results for attracting candidates within the tech sector
“A strong employer brand makes it easier for you to attract and retain talent. The best companies recognise this. Everyone else will sooner or later!”
Brett Minchington Chairman/CEO Employer Brand International

A snapshot of JobHoller by Searchability...

Employer Brand Consultancy founded in 2016 by Searchability
Headed up by our qualified employer brand leader Sophie Hopley
2 x Award winners at the UK's Onrec Awards
3 x Country Partners at World Employer Branding Day
Includes bespoke software tool to help you manage your employer brand & candidate experience
Specialise in the tech sector, but offers services across all industries
Services range from one-off attraction campaigns to full strategic partnerships

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