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10 steps for a successful hiring strategy during lockdown

A successful hiring strategy can be difficult to get the hang of, whether you’re just starting out or have been hiring for years - you may not have a process in place. Hiring can start to slip when a strategy isn't in place, this can be to do with the job function being somewhat unknown, […]

Tech Industry – Our 2021 Predictions

With the end of the year approaching the tech world has seen a lot of fast paced changes over the last 12 months that show no sign of slowing down going into 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of industries to change the way they operate and use new technology. Because of this, […]

Introducing Our New Sub Brand Klickstarters

Introducing our new sub brand Klickstarters, created to help unite ambitious university graduates, school/college leavers and workers who are looking to change their career paths in finding their first tech digital role.  Searchability has been helping hundreds of graduates, school-leavers and candidates over the years find their perfect roles. So it made sense to finally […]

Top reasons to start your job hunt in December

A myth about December recruitment is that Christmas isn’t the time for recruiting. With businesses shutting early and peoples budgets getting pushed into Christmas parties there is no room, right? Well that’s exactly where you are wrong! Christmas is a time where more members of staff might be needed more than ever! Industries that have […]

Are You Using Searchability Go?

Searchability Go is our video interview software created to make online, long-distanced interviews more streamlined and convenient for clients and the candidates.

Searchability Group appointed as Exclusive Recruitment Partners for the brand-new Wren Kitchens Tech Hub in Manchester

Having worked with Wren Kitchens for a number of years to attract tech talent for their Barton-upon-Humber HQ “The Nest”, we have been lucky enough to gain an inside view into their employer brand, and witness the incredible journey they have been on too. With just a small collection of showrooms initially, today Wren is […]

5 reasons to work in tech!

Technology is at the foremost of most day-to-day activities whether you’re checking your bank balance on your mobile phone app or setting an alarm to wake up in the morning - it’s everywhere! Technology brings people together from opposite sides of the world, it notifies you that you need to complete a task or when […]

Remote interviewing - Here to Stay?

There was a time when the thought of remote interviewing was a myth, how could you possibly interview someone without meeting them? In 2020, all things recruitment have had to be a little different. With face-to-face interviewing becoming a thing of the past and virtual interviewing a thing of the present - is it here […]

Tech & Digital Recruitment Trends to look out for

As the digital economy continues to grow and influence more industries, technology is continuing to be a driving impact. Becoming bigger than ever, the recruitment industry is now worth over £35 billion to the UK economy and is still adapting and changing. Here are some top trends that we will think will be taking the […]

Helping you recruit through lockdown

Our number 1 priority at Searchability is delivering impeccable service to our clients and candidates. During the pandemic, we have unfortunately seen people being made redundant and companies not being able to stay open, but our workforce has continued to push on and help in every and any way we can! Here are some of […]
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