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Personal Branding on Social Media - Why Is It So Important?

The art of presenting yourself positively and professionally on social media is called personal branding. Personal branding is simply marketing yourself and letting your personal online connections and communities get to know you and like you. When promoting your personal brand you need to remember the four basics: authenticity, consistency, activity, and “go get 'em...ity”. […]

How To Manage Your Online Presence

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that your online presence can affect you both positively and negatively when applying for your next exciting career opportunity. Ideally, you really want recruiters and employers to only see your positive side and not anything silly that could be potentially hazardous that could stop you from landing your […]

How to Get Hired - Starting with your LinkedIn Headshot

The best way to show everyone how efficient and awesome you are at your job is to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is accurate, up to date and fully represents the skills and value you bring. Believe it or not, this actually all starts with your LinkedIn headshot image. Eyeball tracking studies including web page […]

You’re Hired! What Businesses are Looking for in a Candidate

As a job seeker, you probably have already updated your CV or resume and starting hitting the interview trail hard. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, make sure that you use that time to it’s full potential. What kind of of answers are interviewers looking for in a candidate ? Vague questions […]

New domains on the way

For years, the Internet has had a limited number of domain options. With the explosion of growth in Internet usage from mobile and other devices, these domain options really need to be expanded. In response to this need, ICANN is looking to add up to 1000 brand new domain names later this year. What was […]
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