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Statement of Intent

Keep up to date with opportunities in your market during the COVID-19 lockdown with our Statement of Intent Service
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected every single one of our lives, and as a nation we have all taken a step back from normal life to prioritise our health and protect others by slowing the spread through social distancing.

For the majority of us this has also had a big impact on our careers and businesses too. Many of the UK workforce are now either working from home, on furlough and possibly even facing redundancy as we enter this period of uncertainty. For businesses, you might have put a pin in your hiring plans only to realise the areas of your business that still need extra support, especially when forced to move to a full remote working operation.
The lockdown is giving us all time to re-evaluate what’s important, and while your career or business’ hiring plans might not feel like everyone’s number one priority right now, we understand that a lot of candidates and companies would still like to keep up to date with their market without being bombarded with recruiter calls every day, which is why we are offering our new “Statement of Intent” service.

How the Statement of Intent works?

The Statement of Intent allows you to stay updated with new job opportunities / available candidates within your area of technology without a commitment to proceeding further.
If you are a candidate...
If you are toying with the idea of moving but perhaps the time isn’t quite right, we will happily (at your request and authorisation) introduce you to potential opportunities that could be suitable at a future date. If keen to explore further, you will give us authorisation to send details, and then we can continue the process at a pace to suit you. This means you can keep up to date with new technical opportunities completely under the radar, without having to list your CV publicly through the job boards.
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If you are a company?
If you would like us to discuss your future requirements with potential candidates, we will be happy to give visibility on your proposition and timescales. If the candidate is happy to do so, we will furnish you with CV, portfolios and contact details for you to reach out and either have an initial chat or simply just to gauge how the market is looking to encourage a more speedier reaction to recruit when the time is right.
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There will be no urgency for feedback / interviews / offers – anything. We are here to simply introduce like-minded people to discuss future plans.

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If you would like to learn more about how the Statement of Intent works then please get in touch directly with a member of the Searchability team at 01244 567 567 / today.