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We launched our famous #FirstFriday’s in 2016 to reward our employees for their efforts every month, encourage team building and celebrate successes!
As you may have guessed by the name, these events happen on every first Friday of each month, and events vary from low key office events to fully fledged parties! Over the years we have had some fantastic #FirstFriday events that have really brought us together as a team. Check out a snapshot of some of our favourite #FirstFriday events below.


Searchabrazility was our first ever #FirstFriday, coinciding with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. We launched the event in style, asking our employees to dress as a country of their choice (efforts ranged from international football shirts to full statue of liberty costumes!) and unveiling our top floor office which was decked out with Brazil flags, cocktail fountains filled with caipirinhas, Brazilian beer and samba beats blasting! We also challenged our people to an Olympic PlayStation tournament, with the winner taking home the prize of a spa break for two people!

Wimbledon #FirstFriday

Our first ever Wimbledon party was a great hit with the Searchability team, probably because it’s the day we unveiled our brand-new ping pong table (which is rarely left alone these days!). The team donned their best Wimbledon whites, sipped on Pimm’s, enjoyed bowls of strawberries and cream and went head to head for the first ever Searchability ping pong tournament!

Chinese New Year

This is such a favourite that we bring it back every year at Searchability! We personalise fortune cookies with a variety of challenges, asking our people to draw at random to reveal their unique fortune. This could be anything from “Completing a fitness challenge” to “organising a charity day” or even just “paying for a round of drinks for their team”. And of course, every event ends with a delicious Chinese banquet for the whole team!

Employee Appreciation Day

The #FirstFriday in March usually coincides with Employee Appreciation Day, so CEO Martin Blythe takes the reigns organising the event with a nice surprise for employees every year. This has included Martin running his own pop up bar with recruitment themed cocktails, organising for a massage therapist to deliver office massages for the team, pizza deliveries, hand written thank you cards and even early finish times so that the team can head to the pub!

Best of British

We like to keep things topical with our #FirstFriday’s, so in June 2019 we chose to celebrate #NationalFishandChip day with a “Best of British” celebration! The team headed for a traditional pub lunch of fish and chips (or vegan alternatives!) and returned for a pub quiz hosted by CEO Martin Blythe. The winning team won the prize of a day at Chester’s Breakout rooms, followed by dinner and drinks on Searchability!

Sten Party and Baby Shower

#FirstFriday’s are all about celebrating our people, so if there is something extra special happening in the lives of our people, we like to honour this with themed celebrations at Searchability! This has included our festival themed sten (stag and hen) party before our first Searchability wedding, as well as a baby shower for one of our ladies before she went on maternity leave!

I don’t like Cricket – I love it!

While a lot of our #FirstFriday’s involve a lot of beer and prosecco, we sometimes like to shake things up and do something a little different. One example of this was our “I don’t like Cricket – I love it” party, to mark the start of the Ashes. Employees were asked to take part in a PlayStation Cricket tournament, before breaking to play a game of office rounders in the sunshine.

Burn Baby Burn – Disco Inferno

We love topical themes at Searchability, but at times we need to find a “tenuous link” to make this work! A great example was our November #FirstFriday – we wanted to have a nod to bonfire night but couldn’t exactly start a Firework display in the office! Instead we turned this into our “Burn Baby Burn – Disco Inferno” party! We asked everyone to dress in the style of the 70’s and during the afternoon we served retro food and cocktails before boarding a private disco boat for the evening!

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